New Store!

We have finally been able to answer our customers' most frequent question... "when are you going to have a store down south?"

The third Austin's Couch Potatoes location is located at 500 E Ben White Blvd, suite 200 Austin, TX 78704. We are next to Walmart. 


Austin's Couch Potatoes - Now Home of The World's Largest Sofa

Austin, Texas is on the map again. We are not only known for being the "Live Music Capital of the World" or the city of weird. We are the City of the Big!

Austin's Couch Potatoes is wrapping up the installation of the World's Largest Sofa on our store property. To top it off we have included the World's Largest Couch Potatoes resting on the green, jumbo sofa.

What does this mean?? We are here to stay - always offering you the best deals on all of your home furniture needs.

Stop by the store on your next visit through North Austin and get a family picture or just come to witness the big couch for yourself.

World's Largest Sofa

Austin's Couch Potatoes
10500 N Interstate Highway 35
Austin, TX 78753


You are the Sofa Designer today! Any fabric, any frame - you choose!

In just 4 years we have risen to the top - offering you the same selection and even better selection than retailers that have been in the industry for 20 plus years!

For the first time in our line-up of great seating options - we are expanding our custom design capabilities to allow you to design your dream sofa. No more "sea of brown and taupes," why not try a pink sofa or a comfy reading chair with polka dots (ok maybe not that adventurous just yet!). I hope you get the point you can design your next sofa.

Over 150 Different frames to choose from and hundreds of fabrics, or leathers to choose from.
Check out some of the frames here by Klaussner.

Or check out the entire catalog here

Stop by the showroom and see for yourself :)

And remember let's "keep Austin comfy:)"


Rug Buying Tips - Buy Wool or You're a Fool!

I know it sounds like a harsh title to a blog, but seriously buy wool when shopping for a rug. Rug enthusiasts know what I'm talking about...wool is really the only affordable "green product" on the market when it comes to shopping for rugs. Sure you can buy synthetic recycled rugs, but they just don't look very pretty a few months down the road. Wool is all-natural.

Wool wears really well, it conceals dirt and keeps its shape for a long time. Depending on the shag of the rug will determine the cleaning method of that rug. Always have a vacuum with a hose extension or a broom handy when cleaning your rugs. I always avoid running my vacuum's spinning brush on the rug - this will prevent unraveling and improper wear over time.

When I was shopping for rugs for my apartment - I had severe sticker shock! How could something I walk on that's 5'x7' cost over $28 a square foot. That's more than the price of real estate in Terrytown.

After picking my jaw up off the ground I hit the Las Vegas Furniture Market with a mission in mind. Find a credible, quality product that has great style for the Austin market. I found that in Surya Rugs.

Surya has placed a large rug display in our retail store giving all of our customers a vivid look at quality, uniqueness and plenty of choice. I challenge you to stop in today and check out the amazing styles of Surya rugs.

We can even ship them to your doorstep :)

Thanks again for the read,

Austin's Couch Potatoes


Invest in Your Rest at Mattress Shack

This idea never really struck home with me until I reached my breaking point. I thought I was invincible and I could sleep anywhere, anytime, and on any surface.

Along came my 30th birthday, and I started losing sleep. It's like my brain and back were screaming for relief. I found myself awake several times during the night restless. I tried everything to cure my sleep, cut out the caffeine, go to bed earlier, even tried new detergent and fabric conditioner. To no avail I was still awake at 3 a.m. playing Angry Birds.

Duh, it was my mattress! I invested tons in a fancy mattress from a big box store right before we got married. I thought if you spend more you get more. WRONG. All the bells and whistles sounded awesome at the time of purchase, but the mattress didn't fit me obviously.

At Austin's Couch Potatoes - we have a piece of your slumber down pat with our great couches, but we were lacking in the mattress department. So my brothers and I have created a whole new experience for our customers needing good rest just like I did a few months back. We're calling it Mattress Shack - we want to bring a fun and inviting atmosphere to our mattress shoppers. We're not going to sell you bells and whistles, we are going to sell you rest, and that's it. The best mattress for you is unique to you. Let us help you find that uniqueness :)

Some of my fav's this month at The Mattress Shack:

Balanced Day's by Beautyrest $1999 for the Queen Set

Eastbrook - $499 for the Queen Set (Best Bargain, 10 year warranty)

For Kid's we just added a memory foam mattress and it's awesome! It comes in Pink or Blue! $259

Shoot me an email if you have questions about the right mattress for you, I'd be honored to help you get more rest.

AND remember

Save money, buy local and we'll keep Austin Comfy!



FAQ - We Need Pet Friendly Furniture - Please help!!

Hey Austinites!

One of our most commonly asked questions from perspective furniture buyers is "How will this furniture hold up with my pets...?" Our goal is make sure you get the right furniture, and that it looks great for years to come.

How does leather or leather like materials hold up to pets?
  • Leather can stand up to most pets.
  • Some pets prefer not to sit or sleep on leather, so make sure you know if you love cuddling with your furry friend :)
  • Leather is easy to clean, so don't be afraid of dirt tracked in by pets.
  • Hair doesn't cling to leather, it's easy to wipe off or clean up with a vacuum.
  • Your pet may leave tiny holes in the leather, but they usually are not too noticeable. Something that every pet lover should understand. If you love your pets, you've gotta just deal with a little wear.  It's worth it.
How does fabric upholstery hold up to pets?
  • Microfiber is probably your best bet, simply because it wears well and is easy to maintain.
  • Microfiber is great for cat owners, simply because a cat's claws cannot get stuck in the material - there are no loops in the fabric.
  • Since Microfiber is 100% Polyester its easy to clean and virtually stain resistant.
  • Microfiber also is not a hair magnet, it releases the pet hair easily with a quick vacuum or brush.
  • Don't pick a fabric that is nubby, or has raised surfaces - as that would be too fun for a pet to scratch - resulting in some damage.
  • Avoid fragile fabrics like silk, wool or linens.
I hope that helps, and if you can't live with the damage your pet has caused your new couch, just let us know and we will connect you with one of our professional leather or fabric repair persons.


Top 10 Savvy Shopper Tator Tips for 2013

1. They stop by Austin's Couch Potatoes at least once a week.
2. They TAKE THEIR TIME wandering through the showroom.
3. They let us know what room they are working on, and what things they're
     looking for so we can call them when something they "have to see" comes in.
4. They don't hesitate when they find something they love.
5. They take advantage of our 0% interest financing for 12 months.
6. They ask about the quality of the items.
7. They use their camera phones to send pics to their spouses and friends.
8. They never miss one of our Super Sale Events.
9. They join our email list to find out first.
10. They tell their friends and neighbors and save 10% on their next visit!


A Lot has CHANGED at Austin's Couch Potatoes

Our sphere of furniture options has grown to offering furniture for the WHOLE home, we're no longer that tiny, exclusively leather sofa store....Just a year and half ago we took a risk of bringing our "southern hospitality" to the local furniture market of Austin, Texas - we saw the need to offer honest salesmanship, and good quality to "furniture row". In just a short time span, we have been granted dealership rights for many fine lines of furniture. THIS is unheard of, we attribute this all to our diligence and you - the pleased customer.

In this economic downfall, we clearly understand the meaning of "stretching a dollar". That's why we continue to sell our products at 30-70% off our competitors retail prices, and pass on to our customers a better manufactured product. It's a Double Win.

How do we do this? We keep our overhead expenses SUPER LOW, and we specialize in helping the big box store guys sell their showroom models. From day-to-day our inventory changes, stop by weekly to see our new arrivals!


Italian Leather Lines 50% of Retail - Don't Miss Out

Have you been shopping for name brand furniture? Or - have you been looking for a fantastic deal on high end department store quality furniture?  If so, this is your store for name brands like Natuzzi, Chateau d'ax, Lane, Sealy, Franklin, Broyhill, Bauhaus, Jonathan Louis, Madison Park, and many more...

With a 10,000 square foot showroom located in the Austin area, our selection is broad and constantly changing. Check in weekly for great deals.

Austin's Couch Potatoes
10500 North IH 35 Building A
Austin, Tx  78753


New Truckload Friday January 28th ! Huge Savings, Name Brand Furntiure

Some Brands that we sell 50 - 75% off Retail!!


All From M@CY's Department Store!! Great Quality, HUGE Savings!!